Vision & Action

Vision & Action

In an increasingly interdependent, interconnected world, the philanthropic sector is a major catalyst for positive social change. As a networked hub within the philanthropic sector, the design and development of the 2013 Annual Conference were driven by a commitment to bold conversations and strategic innovation. A marker and moment in time, the conference provided an opportunity for groups to connect around specific issues; and, the dialogues begun at the conference live on through your ongoing networks and conversations.

Because of the Council's unique vantage point as a national organization in a global hub, we can see many exciting directions emerging and topics trending across the sector and beyond. As we seek to provide you with the opportunities, leadership, and tools you need to advance the common good, fostering meaningful connections between and among you is at the core of fulfilling our mission.

As part of these efforts, the Council’s Vision & Action themed 2013 Annual Conference, held April 6–9 in Chicago, featured voices from within and outside of philanthropy. We are pleased to share with you some important news, as well as proposed new solutions for advancing the common good that emerged during the conference.

Following are examples of some of the work that was amplified in conjunction with the 2013 Annual Conference. We hope you will feel free to connect with the groups spearheading these initiatives.

Boys and Men of Color Foundation Pledge Action (April 7, 2013)
Dunham Fund Helps to Launch an Illinois Social Impact Bond Program (April 9, 2013)
Joyce Foundation Hosts Discussion with Authors... (April 9, 2013)

Discussions should not end when a conference does. As a national platform for convening, we will continue providing opportunities for further discussion in the weeks and months ahead as part of our leadership and stewardship commitments. If you would like to share an initiative you announced concurrent to our Vision & Action conference so that others may contact you about your work, please email Edward Jones.

The Council on Foundations is a national nonprofit association of more than 1,700 grantmaking foundations and corporations. As the leading advocate for philanthropy, we strive to increase the effectiveness, stewardship, and accountability of our sector while providing our members with the services and support they need to advance the common good.