The Council welcomes to its conferences representatives of organizations engaged in philanthropy, including CEOs, trustees, and staff of U.S.-based and non-U.S.-based private, operating, and community foundations; public grantmaking charities; corporate funders (foundations and/or giving programs); and tribal philanthropies.

We also welcome giving circles, donor advised funds, individual philanthropists, philanthropic advisers, and those engaged in philanthropy as consultants, legal counsel, or at banks and trust companies.

We welcome affinity groups, regional associations, and other organizations serving philanthropy.

We welcome all who want to learn and connect with others who make grants.

No-Solicitation Policy

Council events are not opportunities for solicitation of any kind, including asking for business, fund management, or grants. All types of solicitation are strictly prohibited. Individuals reported making a solicitation will be asked to leave the conference and escorted off the site.

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