Full Circle Dialogues

Monday, April 11, 2011 - 12–1:30 pm

Designed by affinity groups with common interests, Full Circle Dialogues are invigorating discussions on such critical funding areas as arts, education, the environment, health care, families, and the workforce. Whether you are new to the issues or a veteran, these sessions are sure to provoke conversation for all audiences in these topic areas:


Designed by Grantmakers in the Arts

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How can funders change their behavior to encourage a healthier sector, fully capitalized to provide services? With sponsorship from the Kresge Foundation, Grantmakers in the Arts convened a group of national and regional arts funders to investigate this question and make concrete recommendations for change to the nonprofit arts sector. Hear candid conversations about supply and demand, right-sizing, and transparency between granter and grantee and find out how your grantmaking might change the landscape.

Facilitators: Regina Smith, senior program officer, The Kresge Foundation; Olive Mosier, director Arts/Culture, William Penn Foundation; Janet Brown, executive director, Grantmakers in the Arts


Designed by Grantmakers for Education

American education is at a crossroads. More than at any time since the publication of “A Nation at Risk,” consensus is coalescing around the importance of strengthening education, and funders are helping make the most of these opportunities. Yet with persistent—and even widening—achievement gaps and years of projected budget deficits, the challenges and urgency has never been so acute. Join your peers to discuss how grantmakers can best navigate these challenging times.

Facilitators: Candace Bell, program officer, Children and Families, The William Penn Foundation; Aaron Dorfman, executive director, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy; Chris Tebben, executive director, Grantmakers for Education; Kent McGuire, president, Southern Education Foundation


Designed by Environmental Grantmakers Association, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders, Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, The Funders’ Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption and Grants Managers Network

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This interactive, fun session with grantmakers and philanthropic leaders will engage participants on “greening” foundations beyond grants across a multitude of issues and sectors. The co-sponsors will share their research findings and recommendations. You’ll hear real life examples, including success stories, lessons learned, barriers, and opportunities. The sponsors are affinity groups and partners whose goal is to enable philanthropy to walk the talk on sustainable practices for foundations. The session will be high energy and participatory, and the audience will have ample opportunity to share experiences and ask questions on greening their grants.

Facilitators: Rachel Leon, executive director, Environmental Grantmakers Association; Virginia Clark, coordinator, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders; Scot Spencer, associate director for Advocacy & Influence, Annie E. Casey Foundation


Designed by Grantmakers In Health

The nation’s new health reform law is affecting much of the work of funders. It has created opportunities, raised challenges, and influenced issues beyond health. In this session, funders from across the country will discuss opportunities provided by health reform at the national, regional, state, and community levels.

Facilitators: Sara Kay, program director, Health, The Nathan Cummings Foundation; James Kimmey, president and CEO, The Missouri Foundation for Health; Helen Neuborne, senior program officer, Economic Development Unit, Ford Foundation; Susan Sherry, deputy director, Community Catalyst; Nancy D. Zionts, chief program officer, Jewish Healthcare Foundation

FAMILIES: New Ways to Envision Child Welfare to Benefit Communities, Families, and Children

Designed by Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families

Millions of dollars are invested annually to meet the needs of children and youth who are abused and neglected. Sadly, the child welfare system is falling short in some areas, and reform is necessary to provide a stronger, more comprehensive response. This discussion will focus on the role of foundations in creating coordinated multidisciplinary responses to address the complex needs of children and families. Explore how philanthropy, in partnership with local, state, and federal governments and diverse community agencies, can collaborate in support of families and create safe, healthy environments for children to thrive.

Facilitators: William Bell, CEO, Casey Family Programs; Carol Goss, President and CEO, The Skillman Foundation; Lee Rone, Chief Operating Officer, Youth Villages; Dr. Allison Blake, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Children and Families; Dexter Fairweather, Youth Support Partner for High Fidelity Wraparound Program for Allegheny County Department of Health and Human Services; Marc Morial, President/CEO, National Urban League


Designed by Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees and Workforce Matters Funder’s Network

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With unprecedented and unrelenting high unemployment rates, it is hard to believe that some jobs are going unfilled. Addressing the skills mismatch is essential to driving economic recovery and growth. Yet there are reasons to believe the situation might get worse. According to new research from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, 97 million U.S. jobs require high-level skills, but only 45 million Americans are currently qualified for such positions. By 2018, 63 percent of all new jobs will require at least some postsecondary education. To meet this demand, 300,000 more Americans will need to earn a college degree or credential each year than are currently projected to do so. The workforce funding community is playing an important role in building workers’ skills and meeting industry needs while improving economic security of families. This discussion will highlight ongoing strategies and initiatives and will allow participants to ask questions about grantmaking, advocacy, partnerships, and reform approaches.

Facilitators: Andy Van Kleunen, executive director, National Skills Coalition; Patricia Jenny, program director, New York Community Trust; Fred Dedrick, executive director, National Fund for Workforce Solutions; Whitney Smith, program manager, Joyce Foundation; Chauncy Lennon, program officer, Quality Employment, Ford Foundation

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