A Sustainable Conference

We're working with our partners and vendors to bring you a greener conference while in the City of Brotherly Love. Here are some of the things that we're doing to help:

  • Minimizing all conference materials; paper, conference bags, signage, and printing via electronic resources and reusable items
  • Use of recycled items to minimize materials and waste
  • Accessible recycling units throughout the whole venue/conference
  • Local/sustainable food vendors/options
  • Limiting waste of food, water, and nondisposable materials
  • Reducing the use of paper by providing smaller pieces on recycled paper and providing many online resources at our Internet café

Here's what YOU can do to help make this the most sustainable Annual Conference ever:

  • Visit Erase Your Trace, the Philadelphia-based carbon offset program. Calculate the impact of your travel and offset it through a donation to plant trees in Fairmount Park.
  • When you’re not dining with us, choose some of Philly’s best local food vendors.
  • Ask not to receive a morning newspaper if you’re not going to read it.
  • Participate in the hotel’s water and energy conservation efforts by following the instructions posted in guest rooms.
  • Return name badges to the registration desk after the conference so we can reuse the plastic holders at future events.
  • Use public transportation—it’s within one block of the conference center.
  • If you’re local and would like to ride your bike or bring your bike on the train to use in Philadelphia, the Marriott has on-site secure bike parking.
  • We’re setting out recycle bins, USE THEM!
  • Thank the hotel for assisting the Council in implementing its sustainability plan.
  • Provide your feedback on the implementation and success of our sustainability plan.

A Green Hotel

The staff of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown is also doing their part. Read the ways that Marriott is providing a greener conference space.